Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Turkey Dome and Meat Platter, 1859-1894

Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Turkey Dome and Meat Platter, 1859-1894
A magnificent Antique Victorian Turkey Dome and Meat Platter. The Platter has a classic oval design with a traditional gadroon pattern border. The impressive Domed Meat Cover has a gadroon pattern on the lower rim and around the handle at the top of the Dome. Both the Dome and Platter each have a pair of matching engraved crests, one on each side.
The Meat Platter has a shaped sunken well allowing for the efficient collection of juices while the meat is carved and served.
The substantial size of the Dome and Platter are suitable for turkey, but equally so for serving venison or any other roast meats.

The Tray was made in 1859 in London by John Samuel Hunt and the Dome was made in 1894 by James Dixon and Son. The Dome and Tray are a perfect fit and have matched crests engraved.

Approx. Total Weight - 6680g / 214.79oz
Approx. Weight Tray - 3464g / 111.38oz
Approx. Weight Dome - 3216g / 103/41oz
Approx. Length Tray - 56.9cm
Approx. Width Tray - 47.3cm
Approx. Length Dome - 50.5cm
Approx. Width Dome - 40.6cm
Approx. Height Dome - 29.7cm

Both the Domed Cover and Serving Platter are in excellent condition with no damage.

Each has a clear, Full English Hallmark and the Dome is also part marked on the handle.

Made inEngland
Date -1859-1894
Maker -James Dixon & Sons,John Samuel Hunt

Height 11.69 inch (29.70 cm)
Width 18.62 inch (47.30 cm)
Depth 22.40 inch (56.90 cm)




Sterling Silver

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